Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happily Ever After: The Food

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As I talked about here and here, part of the appeal of Disney World is the dining experiences! We ate and drank amazingly well and the cast members took note that it was our honeymoon so often times we got a free dessert or other special treatment.

Have to have a Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar!

Our favorite restaurant by far was California Grill. It is one of the nicest restaurants on Disney property, located in the Contemporary Resort adjacent to Magic Kingdom. We made our reservations so we would be able to watch Wishes towards the end of our meal. Thankfully the table we got was right near the window, so it was truly a magical night! Plus, the food was AMAZING!

Have to do the self-portrait!

Our view

Appetizers-- various flatbreads

Matt's entree-- some of the best steak ever
My entree-- some seafood pasta thing. I know, horrible memory. I can assure you it was delicious!
Us with our desserts (and yes, we ordered milk with our dessert)
The fireworks from our table!

Basically, the whole dining experience from the service to the food to the atmosphere at every place we ate was amazing! When you're at Disney World, you do not feel like you have to eat your normal Six Flags park food. You can, sure, but there are so many other options and they are all fantastic!

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  1. aww that restaurant looks amaaazing! I def. need to eat at nicer places the next time I go...last time I went, I didn't like any of the restaurants we ate at, but I def. want to eat here next time!