Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happily Ever After: Epcot

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The second oldest park at WDW is Epcot, or Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Walt Disney himself envisioned it as a place where people would live and work. That obviously didn't come to pass, but it has turned into an amazing park! It has two 'worlds' inside-- Future World and World Showcase. Matt and I really enjoy this park, especially World Showcase. Being able to walk from (idealized versions of) one country to the next, eating and drinking along the way was a pretty nice way to spend several evenings!

Future World has most of the rides, such as Soarin' (where you're hang-gliding over California), Mission: Space, and Test Track. But I know you just want to see the pictures!

Before park opening one morning
Cars 2 was about to be released, hence the awesome topiaries

A delicious caramel shop in Germany. We ate very well :)

Also in Germany, at the mini train station they have set up. Can you spot Godzilla?

Then we moved on to Japan!

Oooh I do have to tell you about this new thing they have in Future World-- Sum of All Thrills. Now Disney World already had a build your own roller coaster and ride it attraction at Disney Quest, but this is new, different, and in my opinion, better. It teaches you basic physics and engineering principles as you build your roller coaster. For instance, if you are going too fast, your test dummy will crash. And you ride it on these cool robot arms. Basically-- it's pretty cool!

Part of the Sum of All Thrills-- where you design your ride

Another day, grabbing pastries in France. NBD

We had lunch in Morocco one day as well

My husband, embracing his Norwegian roots

Though there are only four parks at WDW, Epcot is definitely one of our favorites. It is also gorgeous at night (sorry, no pictures-- doesn't come out well on my little point-and-shoot) so it's so nice and relaxing to just walk around and look at all the details of the architecture.

Up next-- Hollywood Studios!

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