Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happily Ever After: Magic Kingdom

[Side note-- I start grad school in one week from today! Eeek! Hooray for blogger being able to schedule posts!]

Magic Kingdom is of course the quintessential Disney park. When you hear Disney World (or Disneyland, for that matter), Cinderella's Castle was probably one of the first things you think of.

But you don't think of us with the castle. If you do, I don't want to know. Creeper.

Magic Kingdom is great for kids, but also for anyone of all ages. The three mountains-- Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Splash Mountain-- are fun 'thrill' rides with great theming. Sure, other roller coasters may go a lot faster, but they don't have the story or theming that Disney rides do. Classics like Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean are also a blast!! But enough talking, here are some of the pictures!

Some of the new theming in the Haunted Mansion queue line-- you touch one of the instruments and it makes that sound!

Inside a gift shop... I just LOVED the colors

Had to get a picture with Stitch!

We explored Tom Sawyer Island some, which is something I haven't done ever in all of my trips to WDW. It was tons of fun and a nice break from the crowds

Matt 'shooting' at the riders on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Good view of Haunted Mansion!

Our strategy each day at the park was to get there early (to beat the crowds AND the heat), leave after lunch, then come back in the evening. It really worked well because going at the end of May/beginning of June meant it was pretty hot and humid.

A delicious snack that evening before the Disney's Electrical Parade
Right after this picture was taken we had a nice Magical Moment! Cinderella looked over on our side of the street, saw our hats, and drew a heart with her finger, wishing us congratulations! Later on, one of the step sisters also saw we were on our honeymoon and motioned for me to show her the ring. It was so cute and fun to get that special attention in the middle of a parade!

Next I'll show you the highlights from our time at Epcot, our favorite park!

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  1. I think epcot is our favorite too..but I dunno I love them all!