Monday, August 1, 2011

All You Need is Love: Reception Details, part 2

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All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography.

We held our reception at Amerigo's- a really nice restaurant in The Woodlands. The food was excellent and the event coordinator was very easy to work with throughout the planning process. For the kind of reception we were looking for, Amerigo's was the perfect fit.

If you're ever in the area, I recommend just to go eat there for a meal. You won't be disappointed! [Promise this was not a paid advertisement-- they're just THAT good!]

The outside...

Our pianist, Mr. Palmquist. He also played at the ceremony.

Overall, we were very happy with the reception venue. At the end of the reception, the chef had personally put together a little box of food for Matt & me that he had cooked especially for us. There was also a box with two pieces of apple pie. :) We didn't eat much at the reception (so typical) except for a couple of bites of cake and pie.

Side story- honestly I couldn't eat during the reception. Someone offered to get me some food and for some reason I had no interest in it. I felt so much pressure to go and talk to all of the guests and we had a limited amount of time, so perhaps that's why...

Anyway-- it was really nice having the box of food to eat post-reception and it was DELICIOUS!

Up next-- we mingle!


  1. sorry to hear you didn't eat, but that was so sweet of the chef to make you guys a box with food! the reception place looks great too :) great pick!

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  2. We didn't eat at all at our reception. We had a bite of cake and then we made sure to see every one of our guests. Which we did! Thankfully we were given 3 boxes of food/cake to take away with us.

    That's a beautiful venue!

  3. We totally did not eat at our reception either...wish there had been a box of food at the end :) Your reception venue is beautiful!!

  4. Found your blog through Mingle Monday and stopping to say hi! You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!!

  5. I felt the same way about eating, I had no appetite! I did get to sit down and eat a bit, but it didn't interest me in the least!