Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Winery Adventure

This past weekend, Matt & I went to Delaney Vineyards to take part in their grape stomping festivities! Every Saturday in August, they invited the community out to help cut the grapes off the vines and stomp the grapes.

First we signed our release forms, then they set us off to cut some grapes!

Yay cutting grapes!

If you didn't know, in Texas it has been quite hot. Unfortunately some of the grapes were pretty dried up.

Our haul

One of the bigger piles of grapes we added our's to

After we were done cutting, we headed over to where they were going to stomp grapes. First we got to see them use the machine that removed the grapes from the stems. It was a pretty cool system, then they had a vacuum tube that pumped the grapes from the end of that machine to the stomping barrel.

The aforementioned machine

The machine in action (sorry it's so dark!)

The barrel filling up!
Then they let the kids start stomping!

Now the question is did we stomp any grapes? No, we did not! I wanted to initially, but then it started getting way too hot to be outside, we were thirsty and didn't want to pay $1 for water.

But it was definitely a fun little outing and I would go do it again, just hopefully in cooler weather.


  1. So fun! I stomped grapes last year but I never did find a place to do it this year!