Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Food, glorious food! Part 2

I know I left you in suspense yesterday about the restaurant I am we are most excited about, because yet again, I know you care so so much about where we eat on our honeymoon. But hey, this is my blog. I think writing about anything from wedding dresses to grad school apps to honeymoon eateries falls under the scope of the title. So there!

Anyway, I will not keep you waiting any longer. No, we are not eating with Cinderella in her castle or with Mickey Mouse at any of his restaurants. On Thursday, we are eating at the California Grill, but not only for this view:

But the food is pretty superb as well. As it should be. Along with the nice price tag (but hey, it's our honeymoon!), it has won all sorts of awards. It has a huge selection of wine and sushi, the former being more appealing than the latter, along with various selections of fresh seafood and steak. And let's not forget the most important course-- the dessert!

I was able to book the earliest seating for dinner, meaning we will get the best seat in the house. And we intend to sit there from that time up until the fireworks (probably a full 3 hours or so), enjoy our drinks and food, talk, and then enjoy the amazing view as the Magic Kingdom's firework show, Wishes, is occurring. They will also pipe the music into the restaurant. Pretty much sounds like the most romantic and relaxing thing ever. 

So yes, you can see why we're pretty excited about it. :)

Anyway, our last full day, Friday, we have reservations at the Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. It is located in the Africa section of the park, and the restaurant is a buffet, situated in what appears to be an African open market. The last time my family & I went, we were really impressed with the food-- very delicious! The theming is fantastic, too.

The following day, our plane doesn't leave MCO until early evening, so we'll be able to still enjoy Saturday at the parks. We're planning on eating at Beaches 'n Cream, a little soda shop kind of place, with delicious burgers and the best ice cream. We plan on getting this: 

The Kitchen Sink- Source
Just kidding! It's hard to tell how much ice cream that actually is, but I have a hard time believing that the two of us could tackle it. Instead, we will stick with the good burgers and get a sundae.

There you have it-- our honeymoon dining selections. The next in the Disney series will cover each park, simply because I love it and it makes me happy. :)


  1. I LOVE Disney, too! sounds like you have some awesome restaurants picks out..I'm def. going to have to check these out next time I go. OMG that kitchen sink looks amaaazing but yea..that's huge for 2 people. (though that's not to say I wouldn't try!)

  2. saying hi from mingle mondays!

    those dishes look yum! I love it when people recommend different restaurants.

  3. Hello from Mingle Monday!
    Wow, you look like you're having an awesome time. I've always wanted to go to Disneyworld!