Monday, November 17, 2014

A Night of Fun

This past Saturday Matt and I got to do something we've been looking forward to for a LONG time-- go to a Switchfoot concert together! We bought tickets this past summer so we were excited when Saturday finally arrived. 

We had a great time at the show! Gotta love a good rock concert and we had amazing seats. Most of these are with 0 zoom (and excuse the cell phone pictures). 
Waiting outside in the COLD
Second row pays off!

Jon Foreman was walking around ON the seats during the show.
Here he was in the row right behind us.

After the encore

We had such a great time getting to listen to one of our favorite bands! It was so nice to not think about comps for a couple of hours and totally worth the minor hearing loss :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coming Up for Air

That's about what my life feels like. Apparently I went the whole month of October without blogging. Sorry! I think you understand why with comps and applying to jobs and all. I wanted to do a quick update for those of you who are still checking this though, and I wanted some happy memories to think back on while there's a big stack of flashcards sitting next to me (evidence-based CRIM, if you were wondering). 

I guess I last left you with a birthday recap. Since then, while there has been a lot of studying going on, we have also taken a trip to South Padre, added a new member to our family, and did some running.

Our view from our room at the Schlitterbahn Resort


Matt joined me for some runs along the beach each
morning. What an amazing way to start the day!

And this is Zeta, our new beta. Yes, Zeta Beta is what we call him most of the time. He is a very active little guy and it has been good to have something to take care of, especially as Matt's been traveling for work lately.

So we got this tank from my brother last Christmas (yes, we were slow to set it up...) and it is a self-cleaning tank. It is an Aquaponics tank where the plants are fed from the fish waste and thus keep the tank clean. We have wheat grass growing in it (though you can apparently grow herbs and things) and it has been working pretty well!
 The wheat grass has sprouted-- this was less than 12 hours after planting.
This was about 2 days after planting. We trimmed the grass after
2 weeks and then 'harvest' & replant 2 weeks later. It definitely
didn't grow as fast post-trimming! 
I had my first 'grown-up job' interview in October. It went
quite well and I may have a job pending me passing comps. I
know I'm being vague, but I don't want to jinx myself. I
promise to write more on this after comps are
done, especially if I passed!
We ran a really hilly 10K (6.2 miles) a couple of weekends ago.
Matt learned he is an insanely fast runner and I learned I hate hills. Go figure.

During one of his business trips, Matt surprised me with
these beauties. The lilies have bloomed and are still
thriving next to my desk here in the office.
While I do most of my work in my office here at home,
sometimes I just have to get out. I have found a favorite
coffee shop near me that makes amazing decaf
beverages, including this delicious latte.
And if you're wondering what my life looks like most days,
this is it. Memorizing all the flash cards.
Comps are less than 1 month away (Dec 2 & 3) so no guarantees I will be posting again before then. In the meantime, I would appreciate your prayers and encouragement. Between the sheer number of cites (I have a little over 1000 flashcards) and the pressure to pass on the first go-around (because- job), I have learned a lot about finding my strength and trust in God. Philippians 4:6-7 has been on my heart and mind daily. I know He has a plan and I will just have to trust in that. Until I have the results in hand, I just have to quiet my anxiety.