Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend in Granbury

Over this past weekend, Matt & I traveled to Granbury, TX, to celebrate our 3-year anniversary. We had a great time relaxing at the bed & breakfast along with exploring the historic downtown area. As always, we ate very well! The breakfasts at the B&B were amazing 3-course feasts and for being a relatively small town, Granbury has some great restaurants. All in all, we just really enjoyed unplugging from electronics and getting a chance to relax!

Our annual anniversary celebration picture

The B&B
Granbury Gardens, the B&B we stayed at. Highly recommend!
My husband surprised me with the 'romance package.'
Chocolate covered strawberries FTW :)
Our room, the garden suite
The breakfast area
Breakfast our first morning- eggs in a cloud.
Breakfast the second morning- quiche with sweet potato-orange pancakes
Wandering Granbury
Because I am a budding criminologist, we had to visit the old jail.
It is hard to tell in this picture, but their main 'cell block' was not attached
to the walls at all. You could walk all the way around it.
The only private cell, used for women prisoners
The county courthouse
The Granbury Opera House, where we saw a great
production of "Driving Miss Daisy"
OK this wasn't in Granbury but out at Bluff Dale Vineyards. Quite the view!
By Lake Granbury. Unfortunately our area is going
through quite the drought and the water level was very low.
Pretty courthouse at sunset
The Food
My chopped beef sandwich at the Rib Shack [recommend this place!]
Matt's accurately-named "Shack-Attack" sandwich:
pulled pork + sausage + brisket + cheese.
My filet & shrimp at Eighteen Ninety Grille
Matt's pork chop [both entrees were delicious!]
And our amazing dessert, banana pudding. Seriously one of the best desserts ever.
As I said, we had a great time and we cannot wait to go back! If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend checking out Granbury. It is about an hour away from DFW and the drive out there is beautiful. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

There's always a silver lining

On Friday night I had my first car accident (Because some people apparently don't know, PSA: red lights exist for a reason- you should stop at them). Fortunately no one was injured or anything, but the front bumper of my car was completely torn off, rendering my car un-driveable. Due to insurance complications, I wasn't able to take it to the shop and get a rental car until today. 

Bumpers aren't that important, right?
That made me car-less and thus completely home-bound on Monday. While it was unfortunate and meant I couldn't do my normal grocery shopping Monday morning when no one is there, it also meant I didn't have any distractions. I got so much done! It felt great to catch up on work and studying for comps. So many things were able to be scratched off my to-do list. 

And that's what I'll focus on. Instead of thinking about silly insurance companies and all such things, I'm going to think about the silver lining.