Friday, July 29, 2011

All You Need is Love: Arriving & Reception Details

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All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography.

After all the portraits were taken, the bridesmaids help me bustle my gown (in record time, I might add!), then we were off in the limo to the reception!

Things one should think about when thinking of transportation:
-How big is your dress?
-Does it require its own seat?

It was fine in the limo, really, I just think my poor husband was squashed by the dress ever-so-slightly. It was a fun ride though, with the wedding party and gearing up for the reception!

After the limo pulled up to Amerigo's, Matt helped me out of the limo and in we went!

Checking out the wedding cake and the Groom's pies

I realize now that I failed to blog about the wedding cake design. Well, no better chance than now, yes? Anyway, as you can read about here, we used Kiss the Cook Cakes for our wedding cake. Here is our mock-up design:

The Bible verse we gave them was 1 John 4:19- "We love because He first loved us." At the very beginning of our wedding planning, I knew I could quickly become so wrapped up in all the details of the wedding I might lose sight of what was really important- our God-focused marriage. So for me, this was just a very tangible way of reminding myself of that through the planning and on the wedding day.

Now, instead of doing the traditional Groom's cake, Matt opted instead for apple pie. And these apple pies aren't just any pies. His grandmother baked all of those pies and then had them shipped to Houston 10 hours away. Words cannot express how grateful we were/are she was able to do that for us, especially since that set of grandparents couldn't come due to health reasons. It was really special, especially for Matt, as those homemade apple pies are his favorite food.

The spread (that I'm told was delicious)

Guest book table

Floral centerpieces

Up next... more details and the reception gets started!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend Getaway

*Yes, another non-wedding recap post. I have people that requested pictures, so here ya go! :) *

This past weekend, Matt & I went to southern Oklahoma, stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, hiked, relaxed, ate tons of good food, and overall had an amazing time. It basically felt like a second mini-honeymoon, though we've only been married for a little under 2 months. Anyway, here are more details:

Lodging: Shiloh Morning Inn
It was located a few minutes away from town, so it had this amazing view over the countryside. Our suite included a private balcony and huge windows that allowed sunlight to come in when the sun rose. We could go outside at night and see tons of stars. The Inn sits on 70 acres of land, and they have plenty of walking trails to explore the property, along with hammocks. And the breakfast was absolutely amazing! They had hummingbird feeders along the front porch, so while you were eating breakfast, you could look out and see the little birds flying around. Made for an amazing atmosphere!

Sorry this one came out so dark...

Our patio

Part of the view

And the other part. How come these pictures never come out as good as in real life?

Going for a walk one evening around the property

We went hiking at Turner Falls park but it was so crazy hot (we left around noon). We might have gone swimming or something, but instead we hiked several miles, found the tallest waterfall in OK, and saw a castle!

Part of the castle
The falls- normally more water but with the drought and all...

Our dinner that night- PB&J, sparkling grape juice, and fruit!
PS-this Wal-Mart carried no wine whatsoever (though they carried beer, etc). Anyone know why??

Basically, it was an amazing weekend and it was so hard coming back to the real world. We are already thinking about the next time we can go to Shiloh Morning Inn...

Monday, July 25, 2011

All You Need is Love: Bride & Groom portraits

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After the wedding party pictures were completed, our photographer Kasey sequestered Matt & I for some pictures of just the two of us. These are definitely some of my favorites of the day and it was so nice to spend some relatively alone time with Matt to take a breath!

Friday, July 22, 2011

All You Need is Love: Wedding Party Pictures

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After the family portraits were complete, we took the pictures with the ushers, bridesmaids, and groomsmen both inside and outside the church.

All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography.

I love these pictures so much and think they came out great!

Up next- Bride & Groom portraits

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Real life update

I am taking a break from doing recaps to just give you a life update. Because I can. And I wanted you to know my life as a newlywed doesn't solely consist of doing wedding recaps :)

-I joined pinterest. Do you have one?? Follow me, yes?

-I donated my wedding dress. Yes, this one. More details on that later

-Matt & I are going out of town/state this weekend for a little getaway. Totally reserved the stereotypical bed & breakfast with an amazing view over the tall hills/sorta-mountains/forest. I am so excited!

-I have successfully taught myself how to bake, and by that I mean with yeast. With 4 loaves of wheat bread, a batch of cinnamon rolls, and some chocolate-related goodies under my belt (hahaha) I am quite impressed with myself. Also, I am so glad Matt brings most of the baked goods to work.

-I have been doing tons of just-for-fun reading. I haven't done this in SO long, and I had forgotten how much I missed it. Has anyone else read The Hunger Games series? I read it in like, 2 days, and then got Matt hooked on them, too.

-We finally found a church we really like and have started going to a small group. I am so grateful to have found this place and it appears to be a great fit for where we feel God is leading us right now.

-I am still not used to this whole new last name thing. It just feels off whenever I respond to it. Is that normal? How long did it take you to get used to it?

So, that's a brief update for me. How's your life??

Monday, July 18, 2011

All You Need is Love: Family Portraits

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So we were finally married!! After retreating to the bridal suite for a few minutes, they had cleared out the sanctuary so we could take the family and wedding party pictures. They all turned out quite well, in my opinion.

All pictures taken by Kasey Lynn Photography.

Though our pastor isn't blood-related, I really liked this picture because Matt & I have the largest smiles on our face.

My family & me

Love this picture :)

Matt's parents & us

Both sets of parents

The whole (immediate) family