Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All You Need is Love: I Toss the Bouquet and We Leave!

Catch up by clicking "Our Wedding" at the top. All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography.

So my bridesmaid Kara is helping me out of my wedding dress, I get to go to the restroom for the first time all day, and I realize I'm in absolute pain. My stomach is all cramped up and my feet are killing me. Well, no time to worry about that then because I have to go meet my husband and take a ride in the limo!

After we are changed, we have to wait for the all clear before we walk down the stairs and into the onslaught of bubbles, hugs, waves, and goodbyes!

Another one of my favorites :)

Everyone loved the ears! It was definitely a good surprise and left no doubt where we were going for our honeymoon! Right before we climbed into the limo, I had to toss the bouquet!

My friend Ari catches it!

I then give my dad one last hug before we leave...

Kiss my new HUSBAND
[my hat was trying to be blown off--it was windy!]

And off we go!.. Oh wait, no!

As soon as the limo starts to pull out I tell him to stop. My mom still had my cell phone and other essentials I needed for the honeymoon. Matt runs out to go get them, much to everyone's surprise.

But then we're on our way!

The limo was stocked with beverages, so I quickly downed some water which greatly helped with my health issues. Matt & I then enjoyed a nice limo drive to our hotel for the night before flying to Disney World the next morning!

Up next: Final (maybe) wedding thoughts


  1. i LOVE that yall wore your disney hats! so cute!

  2. Love the Disney ears! So cute!

  3. Aaa! I LOVE the Disney ears! What a cute idea! And you make a beautiful bride!