Monday, August 8, 2011

All You Need is Love: We Cut the Cake & Pie

Catch up by clicking "Our Wedding" at the top! All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography.

After the dancing was over, it was time to cut the cake! I know I'm not the first to complain about this, but either:
-Someone should offer lessons/tips for how to cut the bottom layer of a wedding cake -or-
-You should be able to cut the top layer
It is surprisingly difficult when you have to navigate all the frosting, the sheer size of the cake, etc. Basically- future brides, beware! Maybe have more than a one-inch gap between the bottom and second-to-bottom tier :P

That's some concentration, let me tell you

We did it!
Thankfully, the cake was absolutely delicious so well worth our effort! And no, no icing was smeared in anyone's faces.
We then moved on to the apple pie!
And it was much easier to cut!

You may have noticed the absence of us feeding each other cake. That would be due to my pickiness over what pictures I post of myself on the internet. Let's leave it at that, k? After the amateurs attempting to cut the cake, it was time for the experts!!

Up next-- we take pictures in a wine cellar!

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  1. At our reception, I was so worried about cutting the cake! Thankfully we had a staff person guide us through it because I'm sure we would have just ruined it!