Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All You Need is Love: We Mingle

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Did I ever tell you about the time table of our wedding day? It was tight. Ceremony at 1, then Matt & I needed to have left the reception by 3:45 or so. Amerigo's is a restaurant, so we were supposed to all leave by 4ish... I believe we got to Amerigo's around 2, so that left about 90 minutes for talking to our guests, cutting the cake and pie, and then dancing, before going up to change. Perhaps that's why I couldn't eat-- I was time-pressured!

Anyway, after arriving and looking at all the little details, Matt & I started visiting each table. We had about 140 guests or so, a lot of which I didn't know. Looking back, it was all a blur, but I remember a few things distinctly:

-Holding tight to Matt's hand as neither of us really knew what we were supposed to be doing
-My photographer, Kasey, getting us glasses of water-- something that was MUCH needed!
-Everyone complimenting everything
-So many smiles, hugs, and congratulations
-Tons of introductions and being overwhelmed by the love of our friends & family

Talking with some cousins from my side of the family

Friends! Since it was two weeks after graduation, it was a nice (short) reunion for a lot of us

I hadn't met this little one yet- another one of my cousins-- so cute!
My dad and a good friend chatting
Went to New Orleans with these girls for Alternative Spring Break in 2010-- so much fun! [And no, they didn't plan on wearing the same dress :P]

Up next-- the dances!


  1. Getting to say hello to everyone at our reception was the most important thing to us. We had so many out of town guests, we had to do it! Your reception looks lovely!

  2. We just danced the night away at our wedding! And it was GREAT! Your wedding looks fun! x