Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happily Ever After: Animal Kingdom

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I know when some people go to Disney World, they tend to think badly of Animal Kingdom, regarding it as just another zoo. I have bittersweet emotions about this-- it is way more than just a place with animals. The theming and rides are pretty amazing! However, if they don't want to go, that means less people taking up space! :P

In my opinion, Animal Kingdom & Epcot are tied in terms of how good the theming is. The Disney Imagineers (those that design the parks/rides) traveled to several African & Asian locations in order to talk to the locals and really get a since of the geography, architecture, and culture. And it can definitely show in the result!

Animal Kingdom definitely has some good rides (Expedition Everest, anyone?) and amazing shows! Both the Finding Nemo Musical and Festival of the Lion King are absolutely amazing!
Expedition Everest: The Tallest Mountain in Florida

One of our favorite things to do from both our past trips is to just walk around, enjoying the little details, and find the reclusive animals. It's so fun and a nice break from running around trying to get one fastpass after another. But enough talking, here are more pictures!

Let me tell you about this-- this is DiVine-- the human grapevine. She walks on stilts, wrapped around vines, and generally looks very cool. She really blends in with the environment & so many people will just walk by without seeing her!

The Tree of Life

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