Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All You Need is Love: Rehearsal Dinner

[Photo credit for all these- my dad]

After the rehearsal was over, we headed over to the fellowship hall to have dinner! [Here's a recap over the rehearsal dinner adventure here]

Matt's parents, with the help of a good family friend, decorated the fellowship hall quite perfectly, in my opinion.

BM and Matt's sister Lindsey made this great slideshow of Matt & me growing up

We had a really good local BBQ place cater, and it was delicious. We had brisket, sausage, and other good BBQ staples. Also- can't forget the delicious cobbler!

We then distributed the gifts for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and to our parents. For a reminder of what I got the girls, click here. For the guys, Matt got them personalized Swiss Army Knives, a fun little game, and Nerf Guns. Yes, these things.

Photo source

The guys had fun with those, I think. Matt & me gave our parents engraved frames from Things Remembered along with pictures from our engagement session. All gift recipients seemed to appreciate their gifts, so I count that as success!

In lieu of doing toasts at the reception (our venue wasn't the best place for those), we instead had them at the rehearsal dinner. No pictures of these (or the gifts, silly us!) but Matt & I felt very blessed to have such good friends and family!

After the dinner, Matt & I went for a walk around the Waterway. We wanted some time together to really remind ourselves of what was about to happen, to pray, and to exchange letters to read the following morning. He dropped me off at my house, and I come home to find several of my BMs and my brother playing on the xbox 360.

Then sleep that night... hmmm.. that was not at all successful. I had so much stuff on my mind, from the wedding, to the honeymoon, to moving that I literally could not quiet my thoughts, despite all the techniques I've picked up from my periodic insomnia attacks. I think I drifted off and got a few hours of sleep, but I have definitely had better nights!

But it hardly mattered, because the next day-- we were getting married!

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  1. Haha nerf guns, so great! I LOVE your rehearsal dinner dress, such great colors! I also love that you two took the time to walk and be together the night before...that def. was not something that I had planned or even though of, but wish I did!