Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All You Need is Love: The Rehearsal

[A huge thanks goes out to Jeremy and Hudson who took these pictures!! Thanks guys! :)]

The wedding rehearsal-- this is the only time I cried during the entire wedding weekend. But we'll get to that later.

The church we got married at- The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church-- has two wedding coordinators that are in charge of the rehearsal and ceremony. I'm SO glad that the church has that resource because they were such a huge help and definitely knew what they were doing! We first got our positions at the front, then practiced recessing. Then processing and ran over the entire ceremony. Dr Jones, the pastor, may have had Matt & I rehearse the kiss a couple of times-- not that we minded!

But ok, enough words, here are the pictures!

We're in position...

Recessing for the first time

And it begins again...

Now this is where I cried. Story- my brother kindly agreed to play his clarinet at our wedding. John majored in clarinet performance in college, graduated 4 years ago, but I haven't heard him play since. He played while the grandparent/parents were entering, so I was back with my dad and the BMs behind a partition. Hearing him play so beautifully just brought forth so many emotions... the wedding, everything that was happening, etc...
Cute side story- later one of Matt's aunts was telling me that her son (who was also at the rehearsal, age 2) asked her why I was crying. She said because I was really happy, but he looked so confused. She didn't want to try to explain girls to him then... LOL!

Now processing...

Back up there... going through the ceremony

You can see my bouquet-- from one of my shower gifts

After the rehearsal was over, it was dinner time! But that's for the next post...

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