Thursday, April 28, 2011

The unexpected adventure

I'm talking about planning the rehearsal dinner. For something that shouldn't be that complicated, I feel like it was. OK, here's the story:

The location of the church is in northern Houston. So LOTS of restaurants, several of which have private dining rooms, etc. Things that were the obvious excluding factors were the cost and/or the type of food. So yes, that makes sense. 

From the beginning, my mom & I had thought one particular restaurant would be perfect. Fun environment, tasty food, etc. It seemed to fit the bill. However, Matt didn't really like it, so back to the drawing board!

Then we had a hard time looking for alternatives. One night, my parents & I drove out to County Line BBQ and decided that was a good contender. Next time Matt came into town, he decided he liked it. He talked to his parents and within the next few days it was booked. 

Now Christmas time rolls around and I move back home. My family goes there to eat dinner one Friday around 6 PM, you know, about the time we would be going to the rehearsal dinner. It takes us about 40 minutes to get there. One way. I start freaking out as I realize:
  • I got my parents' genes for being willing to drive 40 minutes one way just to eat good food
  • No way do I want our close family and friends driving 40 minutes in Houston traffic just to eat at a particularly good BBQ place
So, the search was on. Again. We were having a hard time finding a place within a 15 min drive that ALL INVOLVED were willing to have the dinner at. It was either too small, too expensive, or not 'us.' And then we had the brilliant idea of still doing BBQ (because what Texan doesn't like BBQ?) and just getting it catered at the fellowship hall at our church.

And yes, that is what we're doing. It may not be traditional, but it will be a relaxing and fun time with our family and friends, just what we (I) will need the day before the wedding.

There's the story of how what should have been easy I made complicated (in true Jessica fashion, I might add). Any other brides have a wedding-planning process that should have been easy turn complicated?


  1. Haha, I think *everything* turns complicated in wedding planning! There are just so many people involved that you want to keep happy.

    I'm glad y'all found a solution that works for you! That sounds like a great idea.

  2. uggh I'm have such a time with our rehearsal dinner stuff too for many of the same reasons you had issues! We are just going to have pizza and subs at our house after our rehearsal cause we're 5 min. from the church. I hope it turns out ok!