Wednesday, June 29, 2011

All You Need is Love: My Something's

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Here are all the things we DIY'ed for the wedding/reception
Here are our flowers
Everyone started arriving on Thursday
Friday, pre-rehearsal
Then we rehearsed
And of course ate

Then we woke up and my mom & I got our hair done
The girls got all prettied up!
Find out what the guys were up to

Some of the wedding pictures that mean the most to me are of the little things, like my jewelry.

My grandmother passed away a little before my 21st birthday and when we went to the memorial service, I was given a jewelry pouch that had written on it- "For Jessica on her 21st birthday" in my grandmother's handwriting. Inside was a beautiful diamond watch and I knew I would be wearing that on my wedding day. The watch was given to her from another family member, so I was touched to receive this beautiful family heirloom. We took it with us to go wedding dress shopping to make sure the dress would match it. The watch was my something old.

My mother had taken the diamonds from my grandmother's engagement ring and had them set in a beautiful pendant. The necklace was my something borrowed. It meant so much to me to be able to wear those gorgeous pieces of jewelry that both belonged to my grandmother. My mom and two aunts also wore some of her jewelry, so that was also important/good.

My something new was my shoes as well as the dress and other accessories. But my something blue was on the bottom of my shoes. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased blue sparkly stickers and on one shoe I wrote out- "I Do" and on the other put the wedding date.

The shoes- something new

The stickers- something blue

Gotta have the gorgeous ring shot!

And the jewelry- something old and something borrowed

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  1. i love the shoe stickers. ive never seen the date ones. where did you get those?