Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's almost over!

All the unpacking, that is. All of the boxes are gone and we just have two chairs to finish building (yay for Ikea furniture!), pictures to hang on the walls, and then we're done! I can't believe how much we have gotten done in this past week and it is so cool to see our apartment coming together and slowly looking like a home. I will definitely be posting pictures for you this coming week.

Matt starts work on Monday, so this weekend will be spent doing a few last minute things, visiting our first church (I'm so excited to find a new church home!), and relaxing before real life really begins. I have missed blogging so much-- both writing and reading-- so I'm ready to get in a routine.

For those married-- did it take a while for you to finally realize that you are actually married? After all the planning and waiting and dreaming and then more waiting, the wedding flies by, your honeymoon has come and gone, and now you are setting up house. Nothing huge has really changed in your relationship, but then again it seems like something monumental occurred, you just can't grasp it.

But anyway, enough random ponderings. My advice to you for the day:

-Please do not move the day after you get back from your honeymoon where you then have to put together a whole apartment's worth of furniture, unpack tons of boxes, and get your name changed. It hasn't always been the most fun. In our case we couldn't avoid it, but I am NOT looking forward to moving again. Hopefully that won't be next year...

I have the AMAZING wedding pics back, so I will start the recaps this week as well as show you pictures of the apartment. Since Matt will be starting work, I will be playing the role of the housewife for 2 and a half months before grad school starts in late August. I'm kind of looking forward to it and really decorating our apartment, not to mention finally catch up on blogging.

So I hope all of you have been doing well and my 2-week absence from blogging is almost over, promise!


  1. yay for ikea furniture! we plan on going that route too. it's just easier when you're newlyweds. i'm glad you're getting everything done though, and i can't wait to see your recaps!

  2. I've been married for almost 2 years and I still have moments where I can't believe I'm married. I tell my friends all the time that I have moments where I really feel married and it's usually the result of doing some every day task for Dylan!

  3. we've been moving too and it's sooo craazy! I though live would calm down after the wedding adn we're still unpacking and settling in. I think once we're officially done and the house is done, THEN we'll feel like a married couple. :)