Thursday, June 30, 2011

All You Need is Love: Getting dressed

Catch up here!

Here are all the things we DIY'ed for the wedding/reception
Here are our flowers
Everyone started arriving on Thursday
Friday, pre-rehearsal
Then we rehearsed
And of course ate

Then we woke up and my mom & I got our hair done
The girls got all prettied up!
Find out what the guys were up to

The details-- my something's

For all the past brides, were you the most anxious to put your dress on (that is, aside from seeing your soon-to-be husband)? I was sooooo ready and I felt like the clock was just crawling before I could do that. But the bridesmaids put their pretty dresses on and then eventually it was my turn! Yay!

And enter the awkward crawling/stepping into your wedding dress while 8 women look on. It worked though! Perhaps the hardest thing was putting on the shoes. Balancing on someone's shoulder wearing a heeled shoe while the other clips a shoe on your other foot, all with layers of tulle going everywhere makes life interesting!

As always, all pictures unless otherwise noted are by Kasey Lynn Photography.

Getting zipped up

The shoes!

Mom helping me put on my grandmother's jewelry

Me seeing myself for the first time

I will say that dress was easy to crouch in. Came in handy!
Gorgeous dress details

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