Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All You Need is Love: DIY stuff

[This is the first of my wedding recaps. Stay tuned in the next several weeks for the rest!]

There were several things we decided to do-it-ourselves, some of which were more labor intensive than others.

Though we didn't exactly /make/ our invites, we had to put the set together and print the addresses. Ask my mom-- that was quite an ordeal! See the invites here: click me!

We also did the same thing for the Save-the-Dates, though much less stuffing was involved.

A week before the wedding, I went to a good friend's wedding and they had these great little cards for a Shutterfly website they created where the guests can easily upload the pictures from the wedding onto the website. Then the guests as well as the newlyweds can get a larger variety of pictures. We thought this was a really good idea so we created our on website (IT'S FREE!) thru shutterfly, made it password protected, and then printed out little business cards with the URL and password. [And sorry-- I can't find a picture of them right now... :(]

We also DIY'ed our wedding programs!! This was quite easy- we found some decently heavy card stock from a local office store, found a free and easy template online, and boom- we were done. Sorry for the blurriness in the picture-- protection and all.


  1. I am about to start my diy programs this evening. I think I have gone DIY crazy! can't wait to see all your recaps!

  2. everything is great! i love the shutterfly idea. i think we may do that too!

  3. i might steal some of your ideas :)