Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gifts for the Girls!

[We're still on our honeymoon, so here is another scheduled post]

Now that it's after the wedding, I can tell you what I got my amazing bridesmaids! Basically- I got them some of the same things but also got them something unique that I felt fit their personality or I knew they wanted.

First- it all came in a tote bag. Traditional, yes, but I liked that I could personalize them initially and then each of the girls could continue to make it their own. 

Next were the goodies inside the bag! 
I got them jewelry that matched the BM dresses

This is some of the stuff they got; they each got the tissues, hand sanitizer, and socks. Then the other gifts went to a specific girl. [Not pictured- Brittany's gift because I didn't want to take it out of the packaging]

Something else all the girls got were these gorgeous sun catchers my parents got from their recent trip to Kauai

All of the gifts wrapped up, before going into the tote bags
As I am writing this post before giving it to them, I really hope they like their gifts! I love all of them dearly and I'm so glad they decided to be a part of our wedding. I hope when I get to posting my recaps of the rehearsal dinner and such I can write how much they liked them! Now remember to come back this week- I have other scheduled posts!


  1. I love those totes- so cute and personal!

  2. Nothing wrong with a little tradition! I love what you chose to put in the bag very fun and thoughtful :)