Monday, June 13, 2011

Come on in!

[Agh-- what did blogger do? Why are my font selections gone???]

Before starting on the wedding recaps, I'm showing all of you our new apartment, complete with furniture and wall decorations! [For a look at it when we signed the lease, click here] We moved on last Sunday and we're just about done-- I think I need to find one brightly colored pillow to put on the living room sofa and then I'll call it complete. For unloading a U-Haul truck, moving things upstairs, buying and assembling an apartment full of IKEA furniture, and then organizing things all in a week-- I'm pretty proud of it!

Please, ignore the bad quality of the pictures and the miscellaneous junk you see :)


Kitchen and dining room (and our laundry room with doors that cannot close because the washer/dryer are a bit too big)

Living room-- any good pillow ideas?

Bedroom... just got a bedskirt but I have to wait for my husband to get home to help me put it on

The bathroom... not too much exciting there.
And other side of living room/study

So there you have it! It's home and comfy and I can't believe that it's our place... so weird! I will say Matt & I have already found things we don't like (no digital thermostat, for one) and will definitely be looking for in our next dwelling place, but that won't be for several years down the road. Thankfully this place is quite comfy, indeed!

PS-- anyone know what the heck happened to blogger? Or is this what happens when I don't post for a few weeks?? Why did it loses its ability to properly format text?


  1. How exciting! Is it still weird to call him your husband?

  2. blogger has been acting all sorts of crazy lately!
    I love your new place! So exciting!!

  3. Your apartment looks great! IKEA has some reall great stuff.. pretty cheap too - Perfect for a new apartment. I love your comforter!

    xo katie elizabeth