Monday, April 11, 2011

Invitations... the details

Since it has been about a week since we sent the invites, I figured I would give you guys a preview.

Invites, like everything else in the wedding world, are expensive. Especially to get the pretty pocket fold ones like I originally wanted [you can read more about that here]. So, enter budget-mode for invites, and I found these pretty guys:
These are not my invites, just the website's version; Source
I loved the daisies and that it matched the feel of our day-time wedding. Classy, yet casual. It was really easy to order them, too. We just picked whatever phrasing we wanted, proofed the sample, and then they were ordered! Our package included the response cards, response envelopes, and reception cards as well. 

So, without further ado, here are our invites. [Sorry for the blurred out words. Privacy and all]
All of them!

Our invite, minus the smudges

Response & reception cards

All of it together!


  1. I love daisies! Muchas gusta!

  2. Hello! Visiting and now following you from Meg's MM. Just wanted to say hello and welcome you to the world of wedding planning - I hope you're having fun with it! I know you're not asking for advice, but I'll dole it out anyway. ;) If there's own thing I would suggest, it would be to enjoy every minute of the planning process. I know it can be stressful, but seriously, relish every moment. You will find that the rest of this journey will fly by in a total blur, so be sure to enjoy the little things and bask in this beautiful moment. It all happens so fast!


  3. They look great!! congrats on getting them out, I know that's always a huge relief (yet scary!) yay! so close!