Monday, September 27, 2010

Amid all this stress...

Now that school, grad school apps, etc have really begun and I'm beginning to feel a wee bit stressed (ha!), I figured I should distract myself and blog about something that really makes me happy: Disney World.

Yup. That's where we're going for our honeymoon. Neither of us are big beach people. We like to be active and do stuff, so just laying on a beach wasn't very appealing; I know I would get antsy after a while. I have gone to WDW many times, so it is very special to me. It is a place I can just get away and truly relax. Matt got to go with my parents and me in the spring of '09, which was fantastic. 

My parents are freakin' awesome and giving us their week of Disney Vacation Club points at the Boardwalk Villas. Our view out our window will be something like this:
Why yes, that is Epcot.

All are personal photos, from trip in 2009
So yes, quite amazing. Within walking distance of Epcot and MGM, er Disney Studio's, or we could take a boat if we're feeling particularly lazy. Short bus ride from there to Magic Kingdom & Animal Kingdom. I love staying on property (AKA on Disney property for all you non-WDW buffs). Free transport, Extra Magic Hours (certain park opens hour early or stays open several hours at night), towel animals, awesome swimming pools...

Yeah, I'm pretty pumped. Not to mention the amazing parks, fantastic food, and of course, simply being married. (Wow, that just seems so weird to see it like that, all typed out and whatnot.) So excited!

For all of you who think WDW is just for kids- oh ye of little faith! Or knowledge, as maybe the case. First, an awesome perk for being on your honeymoon at WDW, you get free stuff. All you have to do is wear these:
And yes, you better believe we're wearing them. Bwahaha! Apparently not only do you score free amazing desserts, BUT you also get other special VIP treatment from cast members (AKA WDW workers), such as front-line access, etc. Plus, WDW isn't just for kids. When Matt & I went with my parents for spring break '09, one of our favorite things was to walk around World Showcase in Epcot at night. Just look at how gorgeous it is:

Those pictures hardly do it justice, but how often do you get to walk around in Germany, France, Great Britain, Morocco, Japan, China, USA, Mexico, and Norway all in one night? Not very often. Plus with the semi-authentic food & drinks, castmembers that are actually from those countries, you can make it a great cultural experience. Or, just look at the pretty buildings and the detail WDW goes into. It's amazing. 

Anyway, as the year goes on I'm sure I will be posting more about WDW, so consider this a preview.

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  1. My fiance and I LOVE Disney World, you will have such a great honeymoon!