Sunday, September 19, 2010

The birthday post (picture heavy)

Friday was my 22nd birthday. The age I'll be when I graduate college, get married, apply, get accepted, and start a PhD program. Pretty significant/scary. But, thankfully, I had a lot of friends and family to celebrate it with, so it was pretty much one of the best birthdays ever.

First, my brother came down on Friday for my birthday shenanigans, and as we got ready to leave for dinner, we took a variety of pictures:
My roommate and bridesmaid, K
The boys- my brother and Matt

All three of us, actually looking happy
Then we headed to a local BBQ place to meet up with some more friends for dinner. The table next to us had Ty Warren, actually. We knew he was a football player because he was so tall, large, bulky, etc, but none of us knew who was. Turned out he had just gotten his Aggie Ring that day (WHOOP!) to go along with his 2 Super Bowl rings (he plays for the Patriots). So that was pretty cool. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from dinner, followed by SOME of the obligatory, girly, "I have to get pictures with every combination of people I can."
My Lechner 'family'- daughter K, on left, me, husband C, then son J
The group, minus my brother
My amazing MOH, M, and me
My friend M (I like referring to people by just their first initial. I feel James Bond-like)
Following dinner, some of us headed to go play mini-golf, black-light style. It was awesome. I may have had a little too much fun taking pictures. But here are some of those...

Haha it was fun, trust me. We then headed back to my apartment, met up with some other friends, and walked to Northgate. Following that, we headed to Midnight Yell. For you non-Aggies who don't understand what I'm talking about, here's some info: Midnight Yell

Basically it was a great way to cap off the end of my birthday, and then we had a long walk back to the apartment, but happy things awaited the next day, like puppies, harriers, and good hibachi. But that post will have to come another day!

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  1. I quite like being referred to by my first initial, because M was the most badass character in the James Bond movies!