Sunday, October 3, 2010

3 clothes changes + 1 photographer + 1 beautiful college campus =

Amazing engagement photos! Well, that's the hope at least. We will find out in about a week... so cannot wait to see them! We already got a preview of one of them, but for some reason the blogger's image uploader is being silly and not letting me upload pictures. Click here, picture credit to Kasey Lynn Photography.
So, for those that will be taking these pictures in the future, here are a few of things what I learned or what I did that I'm glad I did. 

Tips for Engagement Pictures:

- Scope out your location ahead of time. In our case, our photographer Kasey (Texas Tech alum) had never been on the A&M campus. After we talked about it, I sent her a decently-detailed email about locations on campus that were either stereotypical for e-pics (i.e. the Century Tree) or things that were special to Matt & me. The email contained the images of the locations so she could get an idea of the area, as well as a description of why it was important. I think it helped her, it at least helped me get excited for the shoot!

-Think of something unique that fits you as a couple. We study a lot. We're both honors students and Matt is only studying to be a rocket scientist. Whatevs. Anyway, we thought it would be cute/fun/different to get pictures inside Evans Library. And that's just what we did. We went to the back of third floors and took pictures in the stacks. Of all the pictures, I think these are the ones I'm most excited to see, just because they're going to be so different. The few people that were there were definitely staring, but it wasn't that many and we didn't get kicked out, so I guess it works!

-Be prepared! This goes beyond just picking out the clothes that both of you will wear and whatnot. For girls that are planning on wearing heels, I would recommend bringing a pair of comfy flip-flops or something to walk between sites, especially if it is a large distance. That way you are actually happy when taking the pictures instead of faking it. Also, bring water. Our shoot started around 4 and we didn't get back until 7:30. We were exhausted and soooooo thirsty. We didn't realize how thirsty we were til we got back, but yeah, it would have been good to bring something.
     Also, a lot of our time was taken up by walking to and from the car to grab clothes/drop them off. Being a Saturday evening, there weren't many buildings open to change in. If I had thought more about it, it would have been good to think about what buildings would have been available, and then park near them. Alas, live and learn!

-Relax & have fun. I know, basic. But your photographer may put you in positions that feel awkward to you, but they know what they're doing- trust them. Also, remember that you're with your fiance/fiancee. You love them and you are about to spend the rest of your lives together! So go ahead and have the stereotypical kissing pictures, stare at the camera with some attitude, and lay in the grass while homecoming high school students are staring at you (oh, this may not apply to everyone)...
    1) When else will you be able to get away with it?
    2) You're young, engaged, in love, and naive. There's your excuse.
So yeah, enjoy! 

I hope these helped for anyone about to get their engagement pictures done. For anyone that has, would you have any other tips to add? 
I'll be sure to let you know when Kasey posts more. I am sure they'll make there way on here, too.

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