Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All You Need is Love: Waiting...

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Everyone started arriving on Thursday
Friday, pre-rehearsal
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And of course ate

Then we woke up and my mom & I got our hair done
The girls got all prettied up!
Find out what the guys were up to

The details-- my something's
I finally got to put on my dress
The girls' pictures are taken

Then the guys got their pictures made

Looking back now, the time running up to the ceremony is some of the most distinct memories I have of the day. At this point, my dad is in the bridal suite, along with my mom and the bridesmaids.

We peak out the window to see what guests are coming...

At this point, I'm kind of in shock at what's about to happen. I'm ready, no cold feet or anything, it was all just surreal. That was definitely my word of the day. After all the planning and waiting and dreaming for our wedding day, the ceremony was literally minutes away.

Perhaps that explains why when the pastor came in to pray with us, I asked if I should go ahead and brush my teeth or not.

And because I love you dear readers oh-so-much, here are some of the funniest looking wedding pictures.

Hey! I didn't want to have bad breath at my own wedding!

Then after a quick glance in the mirror to make sure everything was good, it was time to line up for the processional!

Up next-- the ceremony begins!

All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography

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