Monday, July 11, 2011

All You Need is Love: Our First Look

Catch up here!

Here are all the things we DIY'ed for the wedding/reception
Here are our flowers
Everyone started arriving on Thursday
Friday, pre-rehearsal
Then we rehearsed
And of course ate

Then we woke up and my mom & I got our hair done
The girls got all prettied up!
Find out what the guys were up to

The details-- my something's
I finally got to put on my dress
The girls' pictures are taken

Then the guys got their pictures made
And we wait
The ceremony starts

Matt & I decided not to see each other before the ceremony, so when I walked down the aisle, that was our true first look. Before I saw Matt, I was this bundle of nerves and excitement and just felt overwhelmed. Once I saw him, that didn't all go away, but it made it much more worth it. I was trying so hard to not run down the aisle towards him, but thankfully my dad's arm & my heavy dress kept me back.

But walking down that aisle is intense. You're surrounded by so many guests, so much love, you're thinking about so many things but at the same time just focusing on the moment. It is fairly overwhelming and now, looking back, it is one of my favorite memories.

Love that series of pictures :)

Next- the ceremony really begins

All pictures by Kasey Lynn Photography


  1. How sweet! You both look so excited!!

  2. wow you look so pretty! cant wait to see more. stopping by from mingle mondays! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  3. wow! you are so so beautiful. What a wonderful day. Have fun mingling!

  4. Ahh I love wedding related posts :) Lovely photos - stopping by via Mingle Monday

  5. What a beautiful wedding! You are a lovely bride. =)