Saturday, April 9, 2011

My calendar

The only weddings stuff going on now is:
-Getting ready for the bridal shower
-RSVP's coming in
-Getting ready for the bachelorette party

So really that isn't my deal. That's stuff for my amazing bridesmaids and parents. In the meantime what am I doing? Well, let me show you:

I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm graduating two weeks before the wedding. At the end of April, I have 2 huge papers (think 20 pgs each or so), 1 presentation, and 1 test all within 3 days of each other. This is how I'm conquering it-- make the world's most detailed calendar. Most days I have to shift things around because I don't normally finish for everything in that day, but that's why I built in some wiggle room.

Yes, it looks gross. But when I'm MIA for blogging I have a legit excuse, right? 


  1. you and i are so alike! i love having a detailed calendar that i can cross off stuff. it makes things so much easier when trying to juggle school, work, and wedding!

  2. I have a planner that I cannot function without. one of the best feelings of my day is marking things off of it :)