Sunday, April 3, 2011

Invites... done!

Invitations were put in the mail yesterday! Hooray!! I will share them with you in about a week after everyone else has had a chance to receive them. I love them; they're quite spring-like yet simple. 

I will say, I despise stuffing envelopes. Response cards + response envelopes + reception cards + invites + website card all in inner envelope and then that in the outer envelope. Boooo... but it's done!:)

Matt & I had our last premarital counseling session yesterday, and that went really well. Talked about the order of the ceremony and whatnot. So with invites done and having the order of the wedding done, I guess it's official! 

I have my bridal portraits today. Pray that the weather holds out! I will definitely update you on that later.

Until next time, everyone have a great Sunday!


  1. congrats on getting all your invites sent out and finishing your premarital counseling session. hope the weather turns out well for your bridal pics today. we're actually taking our engagement pictures today and we're hoping for good weather here in waco too!

  2. congrats! I need to get to ours too. I think time is speeding up?!

  3. Congrats on getting them out! Have so much fun at your bridal portrait session today!!