Monday, May 2, 2011

So... close...

What a crazy weekend this has been! Royal wedding Friday morning, great date night with Matt that night, then Saturday I had a fun party to attend. Sunday was just full of craziness. Other couples getting engaged (congrats to you!), Osama bin Laden getting killed, finding out I'm getting a departmental award, witnessing flight testing.* It has been insane. 

To top it off, I am done with classes for the semester my undergrad career! That is so weird to write/type that... But now I'm in the midst of studying for my ONE final. Yes, it's only one. But it's written. And cumulative. Just like a good college final should be. Of course this is the first time I've had one of those since... umm... ever. We had multiple choice cumulative exams freshman year, but not written.

So yes, a lot of studying.

But that also means I'm edging ever closer to graduation! My final is this Friday, then one week later I walk across that stage! So excited!!!! What will I be doing in the mean time?
  • Bachelorette party!
  • Packing... boo
  • Lord of the Rings all day marathon. It's gonna be great!
  • Clean my apartment...
Yeah, that's about it. So looking forward to that. But until then, more studying about signal detection theory, levels of processing theory, and other such cognitive-related things.

Other happy thoughts include the fact that we're getting MARRIED in 26 days and then going here the next day. Cannot wait.

*I can't believe I put all those things in the same sentence!


  1. eeee so exciting! It is so close now!

  2. congrats on graduating soon! good luck with the rest of your finals :)

  3. SOoooooo exciting! 26 days till marriage...ENJOY!!!

  4. Congrats on the departmental award! :)
    Have I mentioned the fact that I love that y'all are honeymooning in Disney? -Because I do