Sunday, April 24, 2011

Showered with blessings

First off- Happy Easter, everyone! While you munch on your chocolate bunny ears, I hope you remember the miracle of Jesus' resurrection! 

As you may know, yesterday was my bridal shower. I will post a larger recap later when I have more of the pictures back (AKA stolen from facebook), but I will say this:
-It was so much fun!
-I felt so blessed to have so many of my close friends there, especially when they could have been home with their families
-It was great having not only my mom there, but also Matt's mom and sister present. It meant a lot to me to spend more time with our families in one place.
-I have the best bridesmaids ever.

Here is a preview picture. Yes, you better believe we did the tissue paper wedding dress. Bed, Bath, and Beyond stuffs their gift bags with SO MUCH of it that we had to do something with it. And we still have tons left for packing!

Image courtesy of BM and future sister-in-law Lindsey

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