Friday, March 16, 2012

Weekly Smiles

Happy Friday everyone! 

This week has definitely been full of happy things, and more happy things to come! Here are some things that just make me happy:

  • Matt and I had a GREAT day yesterday! He took the day off and we:
    • Went shooting with a good Groupon deal
    • Accidentally found the seemingly only Dairy Queen in DFW and had mint oreo blizzards!
    • Visited a military museum
    • Walked around the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens
    • Joined Matt's co-workers for a happy hour
    • Walked around downtown Ft Worth
  • Today involves relaxing and cooking, again with my husband. 
  • I get to see one of my dear friends tomorrow and I'm SO excited
  • I have over 50 followers! What?!? Thanks everyone!
Hope you have a great weekend! Do you have any plans? Let me know!


  1. Oh fun day! I love days like that. No weekend plans yet. We have a few things in mind but I'm not sure what we'll choose yet!

  2. We LOVE Dairy Queen blizzards, ha ha! And they had buy 1 blizzard get one for a buck! Who can pass up a deal like that? Not us! :)
    What an amazing week/weekend!