Monday, March 26, 2012

On Pinning and Related Thoughts

So, like most [female] bloggers, I have become slightly attached to Pinterest. It is great for saving recipes, DIY ideas, cute and happy things, etc.

However, as with all things where people are involved, I notice things that just seem off, wrong, ironic, or just plain funny. So here is a list for you of things Jessica randomly noticed about Pinterest:

  • Men should get off. Well, specifically, men who post pornographic images and the like-- I do not want to see that thank you very much.
  • Also, I don't want to see local, national, international businesses promoting anything. I should find a way to block those things...
  • I find it humorous when people pin things on the wrong board. I know that may be slightly mean and I hope it is an accident, but between my OCD and dry humor, I really enjoy when I see someone post a picture of an engagement ring under "Books Worth Reading."
  • I know some people have commented on non-dating/non-engaged women planning their wedding on this site, and while I'm sure you can go overboard, I know most women secretly store up images in their head (and maybe in a secret computer folder or a shoebox) of wedding ideas. I know I did. Did I feel like I had to stick with them when I did get engaged? No, but it was fun to day dream. 
  • Of course I love the irony of all of my dessert pins sitting next to my physical exercise pins. 
What about you? Have you noticed anything funny about the wonderful board of Pins?


  1. haha! this is such a great list! :) love it all.

    can i just say that i adore pinterest and how it helps me plan yummy menus?! and yes. then i can go do all those great workout programs i have pinned. :)

    happy monday friend!

  2. Haha! This is too funny. I get a laugh too when I see things pinned on the wrong board, lol. And I totally agree-- I don't like companies promoting their stuff on the site. It should be for people who see stuff they like and want to keep track of, in my opinion. Not for advertising.

  3. def. funny, I never really thought about it that way! I agree about the companies using it and stuff...