Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Smiles

And for our second edition of things that made/make me smile this week...

First, for a joke. Because I love cheesy jokes.


  • I am almost done with my mega-theory take-home exam. I will be reviewing it this morning and then emailing it back to the professor. Exam 1 of three done!
  • I am finally on the recovering end of Death Cold 2012 part 2. Long story, but it makes me happy!
  • Spring break starts as soon as I get home tonight! It's not so much a break from school as it is from driving, but I'll take it! Life of a grad student and such.
  • I get to see some good friends over the next few Saturdays and I'm SO excited!
  • I will be helping with a mock career fair for some high school students, so that will be fun and different
  • And it is Friday! :)
What about you? What makes you smile today?

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