Monday, March 5, 2012

How Netflix Changed My Life

In high school, I didn't watch that much TV, specifically the shows that everyone talked about at the time, such as Lost.The same goes for college. I just didn't have the time and my schedule didn't allow me to sit down every Tuesday night at 7 PM eastern/6 PM central to watch my show. I think the only show I considered mine were Mythbusters and that I only watched when it happened to be on Discovery and I happened to be free. 

However, since getting married and subscribing to Netflix (as opposed to cable), my life has changed. I all of a sudden have shows now. It is a weird thing for me. All last summer, Matt and I watched the complete series of Lost. He had seen a few of the early seasons but I had never seen 1 episode. We had wonderful discussions about the smoke monster, or what we called ESD (Electric Smoke Dragon), and even had a Lost Finale Party For Two. 

Also during my unemployed summer I started watching Glee and have since become hooked, watching the new episodes on hulu. I also started watching "Once Upon a Time." I saw a commercial for it somewhere and was instantly attracted to it. Um, a show all about fairy tales, come to life? I'm there and I'm loving it!

Now last week, Matt & I started watching from season 1, episode 1, How I Met Your Mother. Where has that show been all my life? I have heard various pop culture references to it (Legendary, anyone?) and now that they're starting to click, I feel like I'm slowly becoming part of the cool club. I know, I'm silly, but it is a fun, light-hearted show. 

And no, though I'm studying Criminology, I have not watched Criminal Minds. Again, the lack of cable thing. Plus, I typically find crime shows exaggerate real life, as medical dramas tend to do as well, so I'm not sure what I would think of it if I did see it.

So, what about you? What are your shows? Any show you started watching way after it started?


  1. We started watching HIMYM on Netflix too and are addicted!

  2. Travis and I just refer to HIMYM as "our show," haha