Monday, March 19, 2012

A quick hello!

Welp, spring break is over :(

It was definitely a great one, especially the last four days as Matt didn't have to work Thursday or Friday so we got to spend a lot of fun, quality time together and with friends. 

Now it is unfortunately back to the 'real world.' Before I head off to work out and do my grocery shopping, I figured I would say hello! This week will be a busy one for us:

-Test tomorrow
-Parents coming into town for the week (so excited to see them!)
-A test next Monday
-Plethora of reading
-A problem set to work on

Well, you get the idea. I will be trying to do as much school as possible between now and the weekend so I will be able to spend time with my family. Here's hoping that goes well!

And because I can, here's something to help you have a little better Monday!



  1. We are looking forward to seeing you too.

  2. Good luck getting everything done so you can have a restful weekend and have fun!!

  3. I hope you get all your work done so you can enjoy the weekend with your parents!