Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekly Smiles

First- I noticed I have some new followers! Howdy! Thank for dropping by and I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me about yourself or where you blog at so I can come visit!

Second- in a goal to keep my blog an upbeat, complaint-free place, well, as much as possible, I decided to start a new weekly posting for myself. Once a week I am going to write a list of things that post a smile on my face! I think this will help not only my blog have less grad school-related complaints, but also help me be more optimistic. Feel free to join!

So, here is my inaugural post of my Weekly Smiles (ps, if you have a better name, let me know!)!

  • Spring break is a little over a week away. SO excited about a week without driving to campus and always being home when Matt gets home from work.
  • My husband just makes me happy. Getting some Slurpees and watching Toy Story was a particularly delightful highlight of last weekend.
  • A sermon a few weeks back challenged me to start memorizing relevant Bible verses and I have loved being able to meditate on some verses when I'm stressed. So God's Word makes me happy.
  • I'll be going to Chicago next fall to present at a conference, so that's fun! Plus, we're staying here. How swank is this place?
  • It's Friday, which is happy on its own, plus it's Matt's off-Friday and it's date night! :)!
So what are you particularly happy about for today? Anything special? Any plans for the weekend? PS- it's March. I just don't understand how the year is going by so quickly!


  1. Love Toy Story! So fun. I can't believe March is here. This year is going by so fast!

  2. Yay for optimism! I took a two hour nap today. That made me happy.

  3. That hotel looks amazing!! I hope you have lots of fun staying there :)
    and this is such a great idea for a weekly post. great way to end the week!

    have a wonderful weekend!