Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair & Make Up Trial! Part A

I went home for the weekend with the original intention of working all day Saturday and then getting my first fitting for my wedding dress Sunday. Well, then my mom texted me one day to let me know that I had an appointment for a 'dry run' of my hair and make up on Saturday morning. There goes the productivity, but it was still really good and a lot of fun.

Before I show you pictures from Saturday, first for a little background. I don't wear that much make up. I wear eyeliner daily, and on special occasions I wear mascara. That's it. The only time I wore more was when I was on my drill team in high school and we had to look like hookers for performances, complete with bright red lipstick, blush, and brown eye shadow. Because I was never a girly-girl, when I have tried to put on more make up than my standard, I instantly reverted to drill team make up. Not good.

So, while I know that to look 'good' in your wedding photos you need to have more make up on than normal, I also know that I still looked OK in my engagement pics. For that, all I wore was eyeliner, mascara, and some eye shadow. And, most importantly, Matt wants me to look like myself, not like some china doll. Whenever someone starts telling me I need to do X, Y, or Z before the wedding, I block it out. The wedding day is about the beginning of a marriage, not about a photo shoot. I want my husband-to-be to instantly recognize the young woman walking down the aisle towards him. 

I say all of this with the obvious point: I want to look like myself. I want to wear a bit more make up than normal (i.e. blush, foundation, etc), but I know I do not want to rely on myself to do that. Enter in Kim, my normal hair stylist who also does make up. You may remember the Bridesmaid Weekend from a couple of weekends ago-- we stopped by a Chanel counter and this was the result:

I liked it a lot, especially that 1) it stayed all day and 2) I felt my skin looked amazing and felt 'real.' 

So on Saturday, I didn't give Kim many guidelines, other than something natural that somehow emphasized my eyes. Here is the result:

Looking at it now, it seems pretty similar. I feel the first one is higher quality make up, but obviously the price follows. This one kind of took me a while to warm up to, but now I'm really happy with it. Though it's hard to tell in that pic, both my mom and I agreed that for bridals & the Day we'll ask for a lighter shade of brown, but otherwise it was good. Of course Kim wanted me to wax my eyebrows so I could get more of an arch and blah blah blah. I have avoided doing any of that kind of stuff because it seems to be one of those things like shaving- once you start you can't stop! But I digress...

And since this post is long enough, I'll save the hair for a later post. But, what do you think? Make up A or B? Thoughts on modifying part of yourself (i.e. eyebrows) so you'll look 'better' in pictures?

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