Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well that was easy

Yesterday my bridesmaids and I went bridesmaid dress shopping. To be honest, though I was VERY excited to hang out with those girls, I thought this event had the potential to be long and complicated. I mean, 4 different girls, each with their own tastes, picking different gowns that still have to go together. Maybe I just had misconceptions, because it was SO easy and SO fun!

On Friday, MOH Mary, BMs Kara & Lindsey and I drove from CS to my parents' house. We had a pretty chill evening of watching the TLC wedding marathons that they have on Friday nights but I never get to watch because I'm always with Matt. So we had tons of fun watching Say Yes to the Dress & 4 Weddings, along with laughing at some of those women's cattiness and insane weddings.

Yay for all of us fitting on one couch and cuddling under several blankets!
The next day, we drove down with my mom to the David's Bridal near the galleria, where we met BM Brittany. 

We're all together!!
This was the first time for all of the girls to meet each other, and we had a lot of fun together. We're all pretty laid back, so we got along really well. I just love them :)

Anyway, so then the dress searching began! First, they brought us a mini-catalog for us to look over and designate the dresses the girls wanted to try on...

Photo credit: BM Lindsey
Then our consultant brought us the 6 gowns we selected, and the girls started trying them on. We had a quick favorite in this one:
Look at our beautiful model, Kara!
It turns out that my friend Ginny who's getting married 1 week before we are chose this one! We really liked it, too, and the girls said it was really comfortable. But then we found another one we liked. So Dress A vs. Dress B?

Kara's mom had pointed out that we should make sure the backs of the dresses are pretty, too.
So, which one did we chose? My mom conveniently had a picture of my wedding gown on her phone, so she showed that to the consultant. The consultant said she preferred one over the other, especially because it better complimented my gown. The girls' also preferred that one. So without further ado, here's the one we chose:

And instead of being in any of these colors that are posted on this blog, they will be in Wisteria. Click here, and then select our color so you can get a better idea of what it will look like. We are very excited, though we don't get to pick them up until February! What's funny is that we didn't intend for them to get the same gown. I wanted them to get which one they liked best, and they all picked that as their favorite. It works though :)

Since that took less than an hour to do, we then drove over to the galleria. The original plan was for us all to get makeovers at one of the counters, and then get lunch. So we walked up to the Clinique counter first, though they were busy so a consultant from Chanel came and got us. I was first...

After. Hello amazing skin
And as much as we loved my make-up, that took almost an hour!!! Since we still had to eat lunch and then get back to CS in time for some other obligations, we unfortunately had to skip on the other ones and just went on with the rest of our plan. 

We had lunch at la Madeleine inside the mall, then had to go on our way. Despite having some creepy old men stare at us while we drove back, we had a blast and it was sad to all go our separate ways. But, it was a very successful day and that may just be the last 'big' thing on the list to check off!

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  1. stopping by from mingle exciting to pick out dresses! I LOVE that red one! it's so cute and very flattering!