Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Elephant Walk

So yesterday (Tuesday, the 23rd) was the annual Elephant Walk. For all you non-Aggies, it's an A&M tradition that commemorates the seniors. The point is to walk around campus and reminiscence about your amazing A&M memories. Then at the end we're shot dead by the juniors (a part I may or may not have skipped out on...). Once we're shot dead, we can no longer make them push for pulling out... oh, I'm getting too much into Aggie-lingo, my apologies. ;)

Anyway, since it IS called "elephant walk," before it begins, they have elephants you can take pictures with...

Then all of the interested seniors (hundreds of us, BTW) meet up, have a mini-yell practice, and start walking near the 12th Man statue by Kyle Field

 From there, we walk around campus as a huge group, just talking. We stopped at various places, starting at Academic Building

A view of the huge group of us...

Senior yell leaders
We did a couple more yells, then headed to Bonfire Memorial

 Here we sang "Spirit of Aggieland," our school song (not to be confused with our Aggie War Hymn). It was pretty incredible, seeing so many of the seniors, the huge majority of which I didn't know, all in this important and emotional place, singing a cappella ... Definitely one of those things that just make you feel the Aggie spirit.
From there we went to Administration Building, where of course we did more yells and sang our War Hymn.
At this point, Matt & I left because... eh, not sure. But the plans were to go to bonfire with my roommate/bridesmaid Kara, and her boyfriend, but that didn't quite work out. There was a burn ban in the county bonfire was in, and they didn't give approval for them to burn a ginormous pile of lumber in a grassy field. What-do-ya-know? 

But, it is sad I never got to see bonfire burn as a current student. Matt & I just agreed that in the future, we'll take off work/school early to come in for the burn and for the t.u. game. 

As we all know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I'm here at my house and my mom's extended family is here as well. It's a fun bunch, and definitely have tons to be thankful for. 

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your family & friends! :)

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