Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair & Make Up Trial! Part B

And to continue from the last post, after the make up, now was time for hair! Though I have somewhat short hair (about at my shoulder, but with a lot of layers), I have always wanted half up, half down & curly. I had the up-dos in high school for formals and such, so I wanted to do something different. Also, due to the neckline of my dress (yes, that's all I'm going to say, sorry Matt!), I don't want all my hair up on my head. I also think having some hair down looks better with veils and whatnot, but that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, I want something like these---

(sorry, saved these pics without saving the source. If you know of the source, let me know!)
After sitting there for what felt like forever, also remember I was sitting there all day for make up (turns out I don't have much patience!), I finally got to see it. I liked it a lot! But, what do you think?

Yes, I have to give you the 360 degree view :P
 And what's awesome is the curls held all day! My hair is really thin & fine. Anytime I have ever tried to curl my hair, it would last for oh, I don't know, 30 seconds? When I would have to curl it for drill team, I would sleep in rollers, and along with tons of hair spray, it would hold, but with a lotta crunch. Not pleasant. So I was very happy that 1) it stayed all day and 2) it felt like hair, not wire. Additionally, my hair will be longer by then. It does have 6 more months to grow!

Thus, what I think will happen, is on the Day, all the bridesmaids, myself, and my mom will head to Kim's salon to get all pretty and whatnot. It'll work out well. We'll just have to get up early because my appointment took me roughly 90 minutes. We have to be at the church by 11. Thirty minute drive from salon to church. So yeah, hopefully Kim can get some assistants :)

And there you have it, my hair & make up trial! Was yours this easy? Anything you would change? Advice, suggestions, stories, etc-- feel free to share!


  1. Gorgeous! I totally understand the fine hair problem. hurray for finding a solution!

  2. You look great! On my big day my Mother insisted on doing my she was completely out of her tree on alcohol by the time she did it I looked horrendous. It didn't seem to matter though - I got away with it. By the way my hair was very much like yours. Ringlets look lovely on you just don't ask my Mother to do do them. (Just mingling via Meg's Mingle)

  3. I like your hair a lot! The little flowers are cute- are those clips or what?

    And in regard to the last post: I would not do your eyebrows (or anything like that) differently unless YOU actually want them that way. I'm pretty sure when you're old, you won't be looking at your wedding pictures saying, "Dang, wish those brows had a little more arch..." ;)

  4. You look so great!! My hair and trial was also pretty easy and very fun! It's great that you knew just what you wanted and your hair stylist was able to do that perfectly for you!!