Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Fitting...

Or how I'm really glad I have comfortable heels! 

On Sunday I had my first dress fitting. Though there are no pictures, here is a re-cap of my dress shopping experience: Click me! Since I had done that last June, I, like some brides, was beginning to have second thoughts about my dress. It was still at the salon, so I couldn't just put it on to remind myself. Instead, I would look at the pictures from that day, along with the other dresses I tried on.

Bad idea. Second thoughts started creeping up and I wondered if I had been so overwhelmed by my first dress shopping trip that I didn't choose the right dress. But, once I got that dress back on at the salon, all was right in the world.

Those pictures just don't do the amazingness of my dress justice. So many details I had forgotten and that just didn't show up in the pictures, the way it fit, etc. Sorry I can't post pictures, don't want to risk the fiance' seeing it. But, about the fitting experience...

After they helped me into the gown, then I had to stand there for so-o-o-o long while they pinned everything. Like every good bride, I brought my shoes that we had gotten:

   Originally when I had thought about my shoes, I thought I would get smaller heels, for comfort. But once I saw these and tried them on, I was sold. Though they were pretty comfortable in the shoe store, they were really tested here. Having to stand there, not moving, I was so glad they were comfortable. Yay for knowing at least 1 thing will work out on the day of the wedding!

Anyway, so the alterations lady did her magic, pinning various things, getting the length right, and then doing the bustle. My mom had come with me and was quite impressed with how the lady did her work, crawling around my dress on her hands and knees, etc. She worked painstakingly on the bustle, trying to make it even on all sides and whatnot. [Man, this is hard to describe without giving out too much detail!]

Thankfully my mom was also able to take more pictures of the dress, just because I wanted them. So now no more second guessing. I get to go back in December for the second fitting, so I'll give you an update on that then. Then the next step will be learning to dance in those shoes and the dress! Any advice??

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