Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE Dress

{ETA- if you want to see the actual dress plus others I tried on that day, go here}

So a couple of months ago, my parents, my aunt/godmother, and my MOH Mary went with me to The Princess Bridal to find my wedding gown. To all prospective brides in the Houston area- go there! It's located in Old Town Spring and the owners are so nice and also very knowledgeable.


Interestingly enough, originally it was just going to be my parents and I, so we would have received a small dressing room. Instead, since I had a 'large' party, we got the big room. And basically, if we weren't in that big room, I never would have found my dress. So yay for changes! And sorry, no pictures of the dress until after the wedding. But I think you understand. :)

Anyway, the experience was so much fun, pretty much a girl's dream. Well, a girl that likes to wear gorgeous dresses. First, you pick out some dresses you like. Then, a woman comes and gets them on you. Once you emerge into the room with the large mirror, the pedestal, and your family/friends, everyone tells you how gorgeous you look, etc etc. After you narrow it down to 2-3, then the owner starts accessorizing the dresses, with veils and jewelry. And then it hits you, the fact that you're getting married. And to your best friend, too. Who could be luckier?

Anyway, it was fun stuff! I so wish I could relive that experience, but I love my dress, so no such luck!

But we do have pictures that I will post later (AKA after the end of May, 2011) of the dress and others, including the infamous tissue dress.

Until next time (which will probably be tomorrow), have a good one!

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