Saturday, October 16, 2010

Yay for high-res discs!

We got our CD yesterday with the pics from our engagement session, taken by the amazing Kasey of Kasey Lynn Photography! I love how they came out and now that I can print out copies, I get to indulge in the little narcissistic tendencies that I have (as does everyone else, as I learned in a psychology class). If you want to read about the actual experience of getting the pictures taken, click here

And I would love to share all 90-some-odd pics with you guys, but that would probably get excessive. So, I will post some of my favorites from each location. If you want to see more, I posted a decent number on Facebook.

All photos by Kasey Lynn Photography

First location: Evans Library. Yup, you better believe we took pictures in the library. We study a lot, so it seemed fitting. These are some of my favorite pics, too, so I'm so glad we did this.

Yes, we actually own those books. He's reading an orbital mechanics book (that silly rocket scientist) and I'm reading a criminology book.

And next location: the Administration Building. This place has beautiful columns and steps, as you shall see. (And not to mention the not-so-pretty decomposing bird we found)

I'm not sure what my skirt is doing here, but I like it!

Gotta have the ring shot

Definitely a favorite

And the other, just as important, ring shot.
The next place: Military Walk. Pretty benches, trees, and walkway

I really like this one, not sure why

Gotta love the foot pop

And one clothes change and now we're at the spot where we got engaged

And like any good Aggie, we had to get pics under the Century Tree. The lighting was just perfect though-- Ask Kasey!

And the last location (promise, almost done!)- Kyle Field (WHOOP!)

One of my favs

So I know this was long, so thanks for sticking in. Do you have a favorite?


  1. Laura and I both loved all the library ones! And I also really like the one by Kyle Field where Matt's kissing you on the cheek. It just reminds me of kindergarten love or something. :)

  2. Visiting from Mingle Monday - I love your engagement photos. I like many of them, but the last of the tree photos really stands out.