Friday, October 29, 2010

Being a nerd does pay off!

I am so excited! Why??

Because I am going here (for purely academic reasons, too!):

What for? Well, I'm glad you asked. My thesis advisor suggested I apply to present my research at the Southwestern Social Science Association's annual conference. So, I did that several week ago, and this past week I got the email saying I was accepted!! Awesome thing is it is held in Las Vegas over spring break, so I don't have to miss class (just had to include that so you KNOW I'm a nerd!).

Down side, I have to pay for it. But-- my advisor is amazing and has given me multiple ways to get that taken care of :) 

And, as much as I would LOVE for Matt to come with me, the trip would be at two months out from the wedding. We would be in Las Vegas, the wedding chapel capital of the world
It just seems like a bad idea for us to go to Vegas by ourselves. I'm kind of looking forward to this whole wedding thing, that we've spent several months planning. Plus, all that money would kind of be wasted. Not the best idea.

So, instead-- my mom and my aunt are coming with me! I really didn't want to go by myself, that just seemed shady. When I was telling my mom about it, I mentioned that it would give us the chance to see this show:

You see, we are BIG Beatles fans. How big? Well, my mom and aunt saw the Beatles live when they came to New Orleans in 1964. I was raised on the Beatles, especially my favorite (what I called) Dr Pepper Album (AKA Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band). My aunt took me to England after I graduated high school, where we got these amazing pictures:

Yes. That is me walking across Abbey Road

This is John Lennon's army jacket we got to wear at the Hard Rock Vault in London.

So, when we first heard Cirque was doing a Beatles-themed show, we knew we would have to go. Then we heard it was in Vegas, we were sad because we are not the biggest gambling types. Or strippers. You get the gist. Not that there aren't other things to do in Vegas, we would just rather go to Disney World.

Now that this opportunity popped up for me to go to Vegas, my mom and aunt are jumping at the chance to go see the show. We are so so so excited!!!!!!!! I'm slightly nervous about presenting my research at a professional conference, but that'll be fine. I hope!


  1. Visiting from Mingle Monday!! Love your blog, and jealous you get to go to Vegas!! Hope you have a lot of fun!! Oh, and Cirque is awesome.... you will love it!

  2. Loving your blog! Can't wait to keep reading. Stopping in from Mingle Monday. I totally want to go to Vegas...please document every moment for us :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Cirque is a great show, you'll be surprised how much fun you'll have in Vegas without gambling or..ya know..strippers. Enjoy!