Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll fess up... I'm addicted wedding pictures! I see a friend of a friend on Facebook who has some form of wedding picture as his/her profile pic. So then I click on their profile, and let the stalking begin. Then it can progress from there, if they have any friends who have wedding pics... well, you see where this is going.


Anyway, I was wondering at what point am I stalking their pics for ideas versus just plain interest. I don't think I've gotten many ideas from looking at these albums. A lot of times I end of judging the bride for things like her dress being a bit too low, a bit too scandalous, a bit too non-traditional. Or I judge whoever paid for the wedding for the ridiculous items they included.

More often than not, though, I get jealous. They're married already, and I'm not. Yeah, I know we will be in 7 months (and one week!), but sometimes that feels so long to wait. Then I can get caught up in the details of their wedding, and how they have some cool thing I won't have in my wedding, and more jealousy. 

Basically, I can get caught up in all the details that I forget about what matters. I think this is the problem with the entire wedding industry that fully caters to the little bridezilla in every engaged woman. Put a pretty ring on her finger, tell her it is HER day and she deserves it to be just perfect. Have bridal shows that have insanely priced photographers, videographers, bakers, caterers, wedding coordinators, florists, transportation, table linens, lighting... you get my drift.


Instead, I need to remember that this isn't MY day, it is OUR day. It is not about me looking gorgeous or having the flowers and cake just so. It isn't about the wedding, but IS about the marriage. For us, a marriage is a man and a woman coming from their own walks pursuing God, and converging to a walk together [Thank you Ben Stuart @ Breakaway Ministries for that beautiful metaphor]. We're joining both of our families together, and I cannot wait for the day (7 months, 6 days!) when our friends & families are there with us, celebrating our commitment. 

So, when wedding planning is kind of in a lull right now (though the bridesmaids & I are going BM dress shopping tomorrow :) ), and I constantly look at wedding pictures, I just need to remind myself of this. It isn't about a big party or impressing people. It is about the relationship, though, and preparing ourselves for this large step.

[PS- it seems every wedding blog tends to have a "I hate the wedding industry" post, but yet I feel we all give in to it in some degree. THAT'S something to ponder]

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