Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Which Olympian Are You?

Yup, more Olympic goodies for you.

OK, go here. It is a fun little site where you can type in your height and weight and see which Olympian your body corresponds with best. 

Don't worry, you can change it from meters/kilograms to feet/pounds. And in case you were wondering, the tallest guy is over 7 feet tall while the girl is roughly 4 ft, 6 inches. Craziness!

But where do I fit in? Well, it gave me two selections-- one guy, one girl. The female is the football (soccer) player Rachel Brown from Great Britain.
Why isn't she smiling? Source
The other option is Francesco Faraldo, representing Italy in Judo. Here is his mug shot picture.

Seriously, it's like they can't smile! Source
I think I will take Rachel. Don't think I would stand a chance in Judo. Come to think of it, I wouldn't be much good at soccer, either. I'll stick with my grad student job!

So what about you? Who are you most like? 

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  1. I matched up with Tiana Coudray, Team USA equestrian -- like the Queen's granddaughter! But I wanted to be an Olympic volleyballer (sniff sniff)! Paula