Monday, August 13, 2012

So Hi

Hello there! I accidentally took a 1 week off of social media and it was pretty refreshing. This summer has been quite emotionally exhausting and though this past week was no different, it was nice to take a break from writing. 

Unfortunately, this upcoming week will also be emotionally charged. Today my parents have to put my dog, Gigi, to sleep. My standard poodle has been in my life for 13 years and was unfortunately diagnosed with intestinal cancer last week.

I had already a trip planned home last Thursday through Saturday while Matt studied for his summer course final as I haven't seen my parents all summer, so I was able to see my baby one more time and tell her bye. She was on steroids while I was there so she was still mostly herself, but I could tell she had lost a lot of weight and her hips were also giving her a lot of trouble. 

We've lost various pets before, but it's different when Gigi was my dog. I didn't get to take her to live with me post-wedding for several reasons, but I have always considered her my baby and I will miss her dearly. I'm just glad she is no longer in pain and I cherish all of the fun memories I have of her. 

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  1. so sorry to hear this. My parents put our mini-poodle down 2 weeks ago! I know just how you feel :(