Monday, August 20, 2012

Dallas World Aquarium

This past weekend was filled with lots of fun for the husband and me. We decided to treat ourselves a little as it is our last 'free' weekend before the fall semester kicks off and it was definitely worth it! To kick it off, we visited the Dallas World Aquarium Friday and had an absolute blast! Though it was pricey at $20/adult, we found it worth it because:

  • It is air conditioned. This is Texas. Need I say more?
  • SO many cool animals, from an octopus to a sloth to an anteater to a crocodile to a giant river otter... I think you get the point
  • Really cool layout. As it is in the middle of downtown Dallas, there isn't a lot of room. The aquarium is more like a maze spread out over several floors and it made for a lot of fun exploring.
  • Decent food. We were surprised at how delicious and decently priced our lunch was. There are 3 dining options and the one we chose served us delicious sandwiches with fresh fruit, cooked to order. We were happy!
But enough words, here are some fun pictures from our adventure!

One of the first exhibits. There is a monkey around there somewhere...
And monkeys in the rafters

Part of one of the big aquariums with manatees, turtles, catfish, and other creatures
Matt with his favorite tank...
Because it had these guys- garden eels!

The beginning of the octopus series...

A scorpionfish that looked more like an underwater rhinoceros!
The classic shark tunnel

So that is some of our adventures from that day. At night we had dinner with some of my relatives-- made for a really fun day!

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